Sunday, November 29, 2009

To love, honor and cherish all the day of our lives.......

We were introduced by Dr. Pat Day as,
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lee Harville for the first
time on October 17, 2009.

Lee and I honestly feel that friends are an extension of family. We like to say we were married before God and our family. It was important to us, that everyone in attendance know just how much we love and appreciate all they have done for us. From our Parents who wiped our snotty noses as children, to our friends who went along and continue to go along with all of our hair brain ideas, to and let's not forget vendors we hand chose to work with because you saw our vision and wanted to make our day just as special as we did. Lee and I know, it was a powerful combination of "Gods Plan" and you, "our family" that made our day so special and full of meaning.

A Heart Felt and Sincere "Thank-you"

Our wedding was the most magical day we could have asked for. At times, the day seemed surreal. However, thanks to your love and support, it quickly became a day we will never forget. You, our "Family," traveled from near and far to be with us on our special day. We know the flight from Sweden was longer than imaginable. We understand driving from South Louisiana is not pleasant. Believe us, we know the cost of a flight from New York, DC and Chicago is not cheap, not to mention the time away from your families. Your display of self sacrifice and support demonstrate what we knew in our heart of hearts, that we have a gracious and nurturing "family" who love and support us.

For all of this and more we say, "Thank you". Thank you for loving us, but more importantly, thank you for giving of yourselves so openly. Because of your example and God's Grace, we are able to love, honor and cherish one another all the days of our lives.

- Mr. & Mrs. Harville

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I try to be a good Christian, wife, daughter, aunt, sister and friend, but I am human and I am still learning. By the Grace of God, one day I will be able to add mother to the list. I am thankful who have helped me become who I am today. I remember where I have been, how I got here and know exactly where I am going. I try to say "Please" and "Thank-you" and I firmly believe in paying it forward when I can.